Sunday, October 25, 2009

t minus 7 days and counting

pooped at the end of a long day of annoying internship application stuff... run was good. details below. apologies for the lack of narrative.

route: whitehall to college, to shingletown, to west branch, to atherton, to university, home...jogging up and down the block to cool down.

time        dist    split

755        1           7:55
804        1           8:04
1442      1.87      7:52
921        1.15      8:10
714        .89        8:08
123        .175      7:54
1215      1.44      8:31   (last leg up university hill was slower than i'd like. having trouble breathing, think was a little dehydrated by that point. had plenty in my legs when wind subsided and i was able to breathe in last 200m and i pushed it in.)

total 1:00.53  7.55miles (8:04)

good deal of foot pain in the first 4 miles. had tied shoes tighter for more support as this spot on right front ankle had been bothering me but then the tongue of my shoe kept sliding to the right and onto the painful spot. at mile 3ish i finally loosened up my laces quite a bit and although the tongue kept sliding i had less pain. had some slight tighteness in left inner ankle (usual spot) starting around mile 5.

looks like i should (other conditions permitting) be able to sustain my goal 8:00 pace during the race, as there won't be any significant hills to contend with.

now i just need to get pain free and things should be all good for race day.

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  1. Looking good, Rachel! Hope you get some good rest as you taper down for the big event. :)