Friday, October 30, 2009

t-minus 2 days

2 days til the race. woke up this morning and am not having any more pain than yesterday. i can feel some uneasiness in my left ankle on the outside below the bone even at rest, but the pain is maybe a 1. walking and even pretend running seem ok, with no increase in pain as long as my foot falls squarely. as soon as there is some lateral motion i have more pain. will continue to ice and relax and hopefully will be painful by tomorrow evening. am heading to the gym now to do a little light crosstraining - not sure what i'll do, cardio, weights, core - we'll see. gotta do a last minute load of laundry with some stuff we want for race weekend (most importantly james' new racing socks).

dreary day. dreary mood. still trying to figure out about this USATF rule about no headphones as both james and i would really prefer to run with music.

i am committed to an awesome weekend, so i gotta turn this day around -- how often do we get to take a mini-vacay. we will enjoy ourselves. i insist!

update: workout was not too painful. things don't feel quite right but my pain did not increase and no swelling or major discoloration. feeling a little more hopeful again about the race on sunday. even indulged in a little fantasy about sprinting to the finish and cheering james as he starts his leg of the race.

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  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and gearing up for the weekend. Have a fun time in Pittsburgh, and have an awesome run on Sunday!! :)

    Hope the crowd cheering will provide good background music ... Go R&J!!! (gotta have more **cowbell**)