Monday, October 26, 2009

blog envy

i am having blog envy. i am now reading lots of different people's blogs and increasingly am aware that they have very cool stuff all over their blog - images, PRs, race reports, upcoming races, pics, etc. I am not very good with the whole technology thing so my blog format is pretty lame. i'd like to spruce it up, but i can't seem to figure out how people do the cool stuff they do. For example. I have this picture i'd like to put in the top right corner of my blog. whenever i try to include it in the title part it goes to the left. I also can't seem to make a picture go that high up if its not in the title. etc. etc. i could include a little PRs thing on the sidebar - but does it count setting PRs on training runs?

ah well.

after much tightness yesterday after my run, the pizza (which gave me crazy bread body) definitely helped my energy rebound. Right hammie, was somewhat tight this morning. Did some hill intervals on the arc trainer. Have 2 easy runs on the docket for this week but kind of have a hankering to go to the highschool track and run some 400s -- perhaps a masochistic side of me is vying for attention. We shall see.

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