Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Running: its not just for loners...

Yuko and I had the brilliant idea of joining forces for our Tuesday morning run. We make an excellent team. She kept pace and I for the first time ever, experienced what its supposed to feel like to run at an "easy" pace, at which you are not at all winded. It was awesome. Then it comes to my attention that my very sweet husband wants in on the action. We are going to go for a little run tomorrow morning. Its actually been about a month since we've been out on a run at all together, and two months since we were out on a 9 mile run around Brookline. I'm sort of excited to see if my running specific fitness is apparent tomorrow. In the past when we'd fun together I always felt like he was sort of dragging me along and I in turn was slowing him down. Now, I know that I'm still much slower than he is (my guess is we have a 30+ second discrepancy in various training paces: easy, tempo, strides), but my Sunday runs seem to indicate that I should be able to hang. Unlike my run with Yuko, I'm going to have to keep my mouth shut - conserve oxygen for the heart and legs, rather than spending on the talking.

Now its time to map out a nice little route. Wish me luck.

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  1. Definitely fun running with you. :) Let's do it again soon!! I'm happy to start regaining a less grandma-like pace.