Thursday, October 29, 2009

crappiest run of the season

that was like the crappiest run ever.

i had an immediate cramp from the powerbar i was testing as prerace breakfast food that didn't particularly go away at any point. there was traffic and i had to keep craning my neck to make sure i didn't get hit. felt like i was going so slow but didn't have much to push because didn't want the cramp to flare up. and then an waupelani there was a guy with a leaf blower who had covered almost all of the sidewalk with leaves. and of course, right as i am coming to the end of that section (having been all careful to watch my footing) i turned my ankle. crunch, crunch - in both directions... not pleased about that. as i come to the door and dig into my shorts to retrieve my key (i had tied it by a string around my hips as my shorts have no pocket) the key has rubbed away a big chunk of skin leaving an angry and now painful patch.

Last run before race: FAIL. :-(

(4.25miles 35min)


  1. No fail! A success! You've set a wonderful instance of demonstrating regression to the mean. Good luck with the super run!

  2. Also, your time is pretty damned good without a cramp, and particularly awesome with crampage.

  3. if my ankle weren't swelling like a tennis ball i might be less displeased...

  4. Aw, man. I can relate to pretty much everything you wrote on some run I've done (including today, where my leaf blower guy was on Westerly). That is a rough run, though I agree with Joe about your darn good time for a relaxed run.

    Hope you elevate, ice, and rest up -- good luck!!