Saturday, August 21, 2010


After a recovery week which was not great for fitness morale and a 12 mile run that was unexpectedly hard (high HR) given the good weather and slow pace, I finally bit the bullet and registered for FirmMan.
On September 12 I will go 70.3. It's decided. No turning back now.

7am - 12miles, 1:48:53 9:04min/mi with first 8 at <9:00, miles 8-11 9:30 9:13 9:14 and last mile 8:45.
1pm - 2500yd swim. glorious recovery swim. love the lack of pressure, the chatting with other swimmers...


  1. Glad you registered! I only registered for mine a few weeks ago. These things are expensive and I wanted to make sure I am going to do it!
    Your training is going well. Forget about the bad run, those happen. I am impressed that you can do the HIM training during the busy internship year (I remember it very well). More power to you!

  2. A registration makes it real. Good luck.

  3. Congrats on taking the plunge!!! That is awesome!

    I am answering your questions here just cause I am not sure you will see them on my page. I will answer there too.
    1) Wet-suit zipper cord wrapping around arm...take the zipper - it should have some velcro at the end? Stick that velcro to the velcro on your neck part of your wetsuit. So it makes like a loop that you can still reach but doesn't drive you nutso.
    2) Bottle exchange. Use a bottle that you don't care about ditching (like an old gatoraid bottle) in your bottle cage on your bike. On the exchange, toss that one near one of the garbage cans and grab a new one from one of the volunteers. It is easier than it sounds! Cheers!

  4. During the bottle exchange – Keep you palm open and when the bottle comes into contact bring your arm back with it. That will make it much easier to grab. If you drop it just grab another one. Don’t let yourself dehydrate out there.