Friday, August 6, 2010

Debbie downer? Nervous Nelly.

I'm afraid on my new bike.

I have 55 miles scheduled for this Sunday and I'm worried. I'm worried about falling over. I'm worried about making turns. I'm worried about not being able to clip out in time. I'm worried about flatting.

I feel so much more vulnerable on this bike than my dad's hybrid. I feel like all my confidence is gone. Is this normal when transitioning from hybrid to road bike? How long until I feel like myself?

It seems crazy to even consider riding my old bike for my long ride this week. I need to get used to this new bike. *sigh*

(p.s. I hate being a wimp.)


  1. That 55 miler will be all the confidence you are going need. You will be a pro when ur done!

    P.S. Pretty obvious, but practice clipping in and out and coming to a stop in a parking lot prior.

    have fun!

  2. Sorry I am late on this, but I hope your ride added confidence to your biking

  3. I hope your bike ride went well and was the confidence boost you needed!

  4. I hope you ended up having a good ride! I think everyone gets nervous the first time they ride a new bike, I know I did! But, each time you ride it you'll gain more confidence and you will grow to love riding!

  5. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. My ride did indeed go well. No falls. No flats. Mounting and dismounting occurred without incident. I didn't end up going much faster than on my old hybrid but I only rode in middle gears (new bike's a triple) and my legs were way fresher at the end than in the past. Look forward to really seeing what he can do in the coming weeks!!!