Sunday, August 1, 2010

Help me name my new Bike!

I've been waiting and waiting to meet my new bike before choosing a name. Now I've met him. He's very handsome and super light. I wasn't brave enough to see how speedy he is (but I'm sure he is).

Here's a stock photo of him from the side.

And here's one of him from a slight angle.

I hoped that I would know just what I wanted to call him as soon as I saw him in person and went out for a spin. But I need help! I had a long list (20 or so) of names but have narrowed it down.

Sigi - meaning "Victorious" - also speaks to my psychologist roots as its a nickname for sigmund
Simi (Simmy) - nickname for Simcha (hebrew) which means "Joy" or "Joyous"
Nimbus - meaning "Water bearing" - sounds like nimble - and makes me think of Potential Energy
Hermes - meaning "Messenger of the Gods" - you know, the greek God with the winged shoes/feet...he was also a messenger to and from hell - something fitting about that
Gandolf - nerdy suggestion by my husband - gandolf the grey - a constant force for good.

Please cast your vote and let me know what you would choose!


  1. I totally vote for Nimbus, because of the Harry Potter reference (my bike is named Hedwig!!!)

  2. Nimbus or Hermes! SO are you doing a HIM?

  3. Nice! You will totally be ready for a HIM with the volume that did last month.

    Can I suggest Mercury? The bike is silver and the engine is fast. Fitting? Yes? No?