Thursday, September 24, 2009

Days of Awe (day 6)

Day 6: Enthusiasm - Zerizutay
Does "enthusiasm" really measure up to the rest of these values? Mussar teaches that it does. It is simply not enough to just show up in life. We are plagued by the heavy weight of laziness that keeps us sitting on our couches instead of engaging with the world, the obstacle of anxiety that clouds our abilities to act with joy and fervor, and the process of rationalization that permits us to put off all of the good we can do in our families, in our communities, and in our world. Something is standing between us and running to do what is right with the natural spark of spiritual energy that infuses our souls.
How can you act with enthusiasm to accomplish all of the wonderful things you want to accomplish this year? When you feel lazy or rationalize putting off doing good for another day, what will give you the strength to act with the virtue of zerizut? How will enthusiasm add to your spiritual life, your justice work, and your personal life this year?

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