Friday, February 17, 2012


Surely its true that I would love to be fast. To swim 1:00 100's, to run an 18min 5k, a 40min 10k, or a 1:30 HM. Sure. No denying it. It would be great. But if I had to choose...if I could have my heart's desire...I wouldn't choose speed. I want to be able to go and go and never tire. To run happily not for an hour but two, three, or four and have the last minutes feel as great as the first. To go in the morning and be able to go again at lunch and in the evening. To have the same energy before work as after.

A (not so) little voice tells me that it will never come to pass, to give it up. But it is such a sweet fantasy, I don't let go.

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