Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year in Review (2010) and a Peek at 2011!

December by the Numbers
Swim: 12,100 yards
Bike:  328 miles with 5 2+hr trainer sessions
Run: 47.5miles
Other cardio: 10hrs
Weights/kettlebells: 4 sessions
Total training time:  40.1hrs

Swim ~64hours, 189,050yds, 114.6mi

Bike ~200hours, 3223miles

Run ~120hours, 718.35miles

Other Cardio  ~60hours, 285.5miles

Weights  ~26hours

Total hours: ~470hours

I've been working on my goals and training plan for 2011. They aren't quite done. The short version is that I have 2 70.3's on deck (June and September), a spring half marathon with my husband (his first), and hopefully a few more shorter races (either to race or to volunteer). I want to PR in my September 70.3. I want to go sub 3:00 on a bike split of one of my HIMs and not blow up on the run. I want to improve my run (endurance, speed, hills...all of it) by leaps and bounds. I want to find a way to keep up with strength training and core work throughout the year.

In the midst of that I will graduate (finally!) from my PhD program and I'm in the process of finding a job for this first post-doc year. James took a job in Boston so, it looks like there will NOT be a move this summer. Hopefully my landlady agrees!