Sunday, June 20, 2010

A post in tweets

gmap-pedometer is down...had to use mapmyrun to plan my biking and running routes for tomorrow's long brick...not too bad.  

hopefully unnecessarily nervous for my long brick this morning. breakfast and caffeine on board. few small checks on my bike then go time.

an education in triathlon this morning: planned 30mi ride to be followed by 60min run.

rocked the 30mi ride. felt awesome. kept effort as easy as i could. loved the route. but couldn't get a cage on my bike so no water on ride

took heed with me on run. got lost at mile 3. blew up at mile 4. got more lost at mile 4.5 resorted to walk/shuffling

found a kind runner in roslindale to point me back in the right direction. more death march/shuffle/walking. total distance 8.25mi

good things: middle gears. high cadence. chomps. heed. kindness of strangers.

overall: AWESOME! can't wait to try again!!!

officially signed up for my first triathlon. Mass State Triathlon - Olympic distance, July 18, 2010 8am!!!

Wish I had a camera for this one. It was a gorgeous day in the greater Boston area. Ate like a champ for the rest of the day and am headed to Walden Pond for my first OWS!