Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google Calendar

A few weeks ago someone put a google calendar into their blog to show their training schedule. I can't seem to find that awesome blogger now but would very much like to do it. Any suggestions about how to sync my google calendar with my blog? Or perhaps one of the kind (and few) people who reads my blog and is part of the larger running blogging community might remember who it was who did this and I can follow up with her... Thanks!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ok, so this isn't me swimming. but my swim was awesome and this picture is awesome. amazing what you find when you google image search something as simple as "swimming"...

2000m in just under 40 minutes. had to actively not get competitive with the very fast and trim woman in the lane over from me. but the water is so soothing that i was able to let most of that stuff go, most of the time.

tri plans are on. i only wish i didn't live on a grad student stipend so i could afford a new bathing suit and a pair of padding cycling shorts. i guess thats what birthdays are for...

an actual run

for the first time since January 1 i actually got out for a run. in order to be extra kind to my ailing foot/posterior tibialis i drove over to the Toftrees Trail and did the whole things on the soft macadam and mud. it was the slowest run i've been on since september but i was a run. 5 miles, just under 50 minutes (with a stretching break at the turnaround at miles 2.5). truth be told i didn't have a ton of pain. more like a nagging sensation and some increasing tightness in my left arch. the biggest thing, which i was somewhat aware of while running then acutely aware of when i finished and did a nice walk cool down was the degree of hypervigilance and fear i was experiencing the whole time. not exactly a relaxing way to run ;-)   

but it was a run. and i was glad to be out there in the 40 degree drizzle. i'm also a big fan of mud crusted sneakers...

i seemed to have missed the boat on 2010 resolutions but i have been slowly devising a plan for the coming year... in part all of my life decisions (including training possibilities and races) are having to wait until february 22 when i will find out where i will be working/living next year so there is no real use in trying to make plans until then. but, just between you and me -- i have my sights set on a triathlon. went on an awesome swim a few weeks ago and am planning to hit the psu pool this afternoon or evening. if i enjoy this swim as much as the last one (or even half as much) then i think i am going to set the wheels in motion. i have a training plan all mapped out in  my head. if the swim goes well, i'll post it here tomorrow.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


evil posterior tibialis. evil. perhaps i should be scolding the evil spiked heels i was wearing that caused the injury, not my poor foot for being abused. regardless. very little running going on in these parts. went for a 5 miler with james on new year's day before settling in to watch football. have at this point been on 8 of my 14 interviews and james has been on 7 of his 13. next week we have 5 total - me at Yale, U Wisconson Madison, and Temple University; james at U Wisc and Brown. Gonna be a hectic week. With workouts kind of at a minimum and lots of continued bad eating (feels like the holidays never ended in terms of food) I have been making a point to do a lot of walking. Have been getting in between 3 and 6 miles a day. So hopefully despite the lack of good running or long running (both sorely missed and needed) I'm still making my way toward 1000+ with Mel and her crew. (1000 mile club details).

Tomorrow we are off to New Haven. Am hoping to get in a run or hike in Madison on Tuesday if the weather cooperates. Otherwise I'll be powerwalking in the airport terminals...