Thursday, November 17, 2011

MI mi.

Today on a nice easy 5mile ("offseason") run I crossed a milestone. 1000 miles.

Actually I'm at 1001. Last year I made it to 1000 but I included miles walked in that total and think given how I did my training log miles on the elliptical may have also snuck in there. This year I decided I really wanted to see the true run total. And, I made it, with 6 weeks to spare! I know there are folk out there crossing 2000 right about now. That totally blows my mind. I wish I could run that much. Maybe in a few years my feet with love me enough to let me put in that kind of mileage. For now I'm pretty happy with the thousand I did run. Now I just have a few hundred miles to cross 5000 on the bike and if I can get myself back to the pool another six to ten times I might hit 150 miles of swimming...