Saturday, January 9, 2010


evil posterior tibialis. evil. perhaps i should be scolding the evil spiked heels i was wearing that caused the injury, not my poor foot for being abused. regardless. very little running going on in these parts. went for a 5 miler with james on new year's day before settling in to watch football. have at this point been on 8 of my 14 interviews and james has been on 7 of his 13. next week we have 5 total - me at Yale, U Wisconson Madison, and Temple University; james at U Wisc and Brown. Gonna be a hectic week. With workouts kind of at a minimum and lots of continued bad eating (feels like the holidays never ended in terms of food) I have been making a point to do a lot of walking. Have been getting in between 3 and 6 miles a day. So hopefully despite the lack of good running or long running (both sorely missed and needed) I'm still making my way toward 1000+ with Mel and her crew. (1000 mile club details).

Tomorrow we are off to New Haven. Am hoping to get in a run or hike in Madison on Tuesday if the weather cooperates. Otherwise I'll be powerwalking in the airport terminals...


  1. Alittle workout is better than no workout!

  2. agree with shelly all workouts count! good luck with 1,000!