Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ok, so this isn't me swimming. but my swim was awesome and this picture is awesome. amazing what you find when you google image search something as simple as "swimming"...

2000m in just under 40 minutes. had to actively not get competitive with the very fast and trim woman in the lane over from me. but the water is so soothing that i was able to let most of that stuff go, most of the time.

tri plans are on. i only wish i didn't live on a grad student stipend so i could afford a new bathing suit and a pair of padding cycling shorts. i guess thats what birthdays are for...


  1. Love the picture!

    Where is your tri at? Have a great time training. It sounds like you are loving it already!

  2. This is totally the inner you! Fierce, sharp bite, great swimmer, maybe some trouble riding a bike with those awesome paws.