Saturday, September 18, 2010


post FirmMan I decided I was going to take at least 3 days off. monday i could not have worked out had i wanted to (and didn't want to). tuesday my legs started to rebound and i did some stretching and a little yoga (warriors, dogs, a little pigeon). wednesday i felt that i could have worked out but decided with it being my first day back at work that i'd give myself the extra sleep to ease back in to that stress. thursday i had my first run. 4 miles at a 9:00min/mi pace with a heartrate that made more sense for an hard tempo pace. i felt pretty trashed at the end and throughout the day. i started thinking i probably should have waited til the weekend for a run. yesterday i did a 40 minute ride in the morning on the trainer and then 20 minutes with my new kettlebell. it felt great to be doing weights and core stuff. but it WRECKED my body. by the end of the day my abs, adductors, abductors and hip flexors were all screaming. this morning they are not any happier. i was out at high holiday services until after 11pm last night and there was no way i was getting up for 6:30am masters' swim. i haven't been to this class yet (started last week) but i really want to see what its all about. didn't happen this week, so will have to wait til week 3 i guess. but now - and this is where i get worried - i don't really want to workout. i certainly don't want to run. a bike ride sounds very involved. and if i were to swim i'd have to wait til 12:30 when the Y pool opens. fooey. what have i become?


  1. Kettlebells are the ultimate body wrecker! After I did my first session, I couldn't walk right for 3 days! haha!

  2. You are recovering, 70.3 miles and 5:45 of intense exercise does damage to the body. Take some time to recover, recover is key, dont worry, you will be back to your oldself soon, just needs to get over the stress of the race.