Sunday, December 5, 2010

November - By the Numbers

Swim: 10,900 yards
Bike:  322 miles with 5 2+hr trainer sessions
Run: 43 miles with no runs over 5.5miles :-(
Other cardio: 7hrs
Weights/kettlebells: 9 sessions
Total training time:  41.1hrs

Two solid weeks at the end of the month with 12 and 14 hours. 3 of 4 swim sessions in a one week period. Feeling really good on the bike. Really slow and crappy on my short pathetic runs. Deconditioned but fresh and with good form on my swims, with Total Immersion drill emphasis. There are certainly some good pieces in here. Getting back up over 40 hours for the month felt very good, think I want to try to stick to 40 hours for December and January. Need to figure out something to get my running back on track. And need to get back to regular swimming 2+ times per week. It has been tricky for me to figure out how to keep both lifting and swimming in my schedule at once, but this is a must for the upcoming year so there's no time like the present.

Am keeping fingers crossed for lots of fun swim, bike, run gear for the holidays!


  1. Look at you on the bike! Nice numbers!

  2. Hey great numbers!! I hope you get all kinds of goodies for the holidays!

    Hey - I just wear a pair of midweight UnderArmor tights. My butt always gets cold. If it gets colder out I wear those with a shell pant I got at Road Runner Sports over and it makes a sh sh sh sound when you run. My butt still gets cold. :)

  3. Hey Rachel, sounds like your'e in perfect shape. I can't find the post stating how long you have been doing this for living. Is this your profession or hobby? Us readers care about those details.