Saturday, February 20, 2010

wish i could see the light at the end of the tunnel, there must be a bend in the track...

A little belated but, we matched. We will both have jobs next year. We'll find out where on Monday.

Lot of stress this week and only the first half of the week had any really good workouts.

Monday - morning spin followed by a nice short run
Tuesday - awesome 3000m swim. really feeling it. love my new suit.
Wednesday - shoulders, arms and abs in the morning, spin in the evening
Thursday - tried out a road bike for the first time (was pretty freaked out by the kind woman who let me try her bike. made me worried about the whole triathlon thing. remembering my brothers' multiple falls back when he was a serious cyclist didn't help any. nor did frayed laces' recent accident) and then went for a crappy swim before a stressful meeting (dissertation related) which put a damper on the rest of my day.
Friday - was up all night waiting for the news of whether james and i were matched to job sites. was so tired during the day and went home on the 3 hour break i had midday and instead of working out i slept. made it for a 2 mile walk and a 30 minute elliptical later in the day. but it sucked. and my eating sucked. hoping to right myself on monday when my future feels more certain.
Saturday - didn't sleep last night either. dragged myself to spin this morning before a saturday at work. spinning was actually pretty good. we did an olympics themed ride. it was fun. not hard, but fun.

Hope to be back on the horse on Tuesday.


  1. Good luck with your stress!! Try a nice Epsom Salt bath, VERY relaxing.. Thanks for the info on my post. It posted by mistake.. LOL!! It is up now.