Sunday, February 14, 2010

a solid week in purgatory

Monday 2/8  Chest and Back, Ab X in the a.m.
                     30min spin in the early afternoon

Tuesday 2/9 4 mile run in the a.m.
                    1200m swim at lunch - trapped in a lane with a splasher/flailer = not fun = short swim

Wednesday 2/10 Shoulders and Arms, Ab X in the early a.m.
                           Cardio (arc trainer) 30 minutes in the evening

Thursday 2/11 60min spin - group class - lots of hills in the saddle, not my favorite thing. good news, my lady parts seem to be getting used to the saddle.

Friday 2/12 Legs and Back, Ab X in the a.m.  (only body weight exercises)
                   Couples Valentine's weekend Power Yoga in the evening with James

Saturday 2/13  weather holding up so James and I went for a 5mile snow/trail run. Had that uncanny experience of being unable to believe that only 2 months ago I ran a half marathon and now feel like a blog of painful un-fitness.

Sunday 2/14  couldn't wait for the pool to open at 2pm for scheduled 2400m swim so pushed up tomorrow workout         Chest and Back, Abs.  first day without cardio all week.

I need to think about the current plan I'm working. For the past 2 weeks, by the time the weekend rolls around I feel tired and unmotivated. These are the days when I have the time to really go for it... Not sure what to cut from my week. 3 lifting days, 3 run, 2 spin, and 2 swimming is feeling like a lot. Hmmm... maybe it will feel better when all of these activities don't have to take place indoors. These blizzards have been really making the outdoor workouts hard to pull off.

5 days til our fate is sealed. 8 days until we find out where we will be moving!


  1. You have a nice mix of stuff going on.
    (This is seejessrun)

  2. Thanks for the comment and idea on eating, it's a great one.

    do you follow any specific weights routine? I am looking for some new ideas