Sunday, June 26, 2011

RIP Minny

25 miles into my ride this morning I hit a ridiculous patch of scarified pavement. It went on for miles. Up a hill. My garmin forerunner, Minny, dislodged from her mount and I heard her fall to the ground. I unclipped, jumped off my bike and went running the 50 yards back toward where I thought I would find her. As I locked eyes on (with) her laying helpless on the other side of the road, a huge black pickup truck came barreling down the road. I waved like crazy for him to slow down but he took no notice of me. His left front wheel exploded Minny into pieces. I watched it in slow-mo in my mind. I yelled and grabbed my helmet in disbelief. The truck driver didn't even slow down.

In the next 5 minutes 4 cars stopped to ask if I needed help as I stood on the side of the road. I was just so angry I didn't think it was smart to get on my bike. I felt like I was going to cry. Not to mention that I was on this stupid hill with scarified pavement. I collected Minny's broken remains and walked my bike a mile up the road before the pavement smoothed and flattened out enough that I could mount my bike.

Major fail.

I'm so pissed.

I had just wrapped my head around making the investment in a new saddle and now I need to replace Minny. This Sucks.


  1. sorry to hear that. Search my brain for something to help you feel better. There isn't much there truth be told, and I cannot help you feel better. booooooooo.

    Dang, feel bad for you though, just know that. Not like I know you hardly, but ya put yourself out there, and I respect it. :)

  2. not cool!! :-/ my rear light flew off and broke when i rode (a whopping 14 miles) yesterday and went over a big crack in the road. but this is worse!

  3. That totally sucks! :) I can't believe the guy didn't even slow down!