Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's the solution to a rock and a hard place? A brick!

i had one of those days yesterday. stress. catch-22's. self doubt.

this morning i did not want to get out of bed. did not want to do my workout. but i did. a nice weekday brick. i love brick workouts. (btw-has anyone settled the debate re: "bric" = bike run in combination vs. "brick" = named after the guy who decided we should do these back to back workouts?) i don't understand how my runs off the bike are consistently better than my straight runs. but i'll take it. i love it. through the snow and slush, past the grumpy commuters in their cars, dodging low hanging branches my comfortable pace is nearly a minute faster than my regular comfortable pace. this lasts for at least 3 miles before things shift back to normal.

now, 8am, 25miles on the trainer and 5 on the road, its time to face my work day. with 30miles of new confidence, i think i'll survive it...


  1. The bike warms you up. Plus the endorphins are flowing so probably your mind is in a better place than when you start out by just running.

    I am amazed that you can work out before patients. Oh, yes, you are, like, 10 year younger than me:)

  2. I agree with R&L, the bike warms you up

  3. x3 the bike warms you up.

    First time I heard of a brick workout, I thought you had to carry a brick with you for extra weight. Glad I never did that!

  4. Could be that you are also keeping a higher cadence. Or you are just dang glad to be off the bike.

  5. Bricking was my favorite things in the world, then unfortunately I was hit by a passing car (running low but still) and ever since I can only envy those who have the health for it.