Sunday, July 18, 2010

Max Performance Mass State Olympic Triathlon - FINISHER!

I'm officially a triathlete. The race was awesome.

Official time: 3:03:09
Rank: 5/?? (Newbie division)

Unofficial times:
.9mile swim: 29:XX (per James' yelling as I came up the beach)
T1 3ish
Bike 1:30:35 (16mph)
T2 3ish
Run: 57:12 (6.35miles total, 9:00min/mi average)

Swim was easy and so nice. Didn't get kicked once!
Took it relatively easy on the bike, a few hard hills but took advantage of the downhills and made some time back.
Run basically sucked. I don't think I had gone too hard on the first two legs but it was hot as hell, hillier than advertised (with virtually no flat sections), and the roads were a mess with potholes and weirdly sloping cement, gravel, etc. I however did not walk once.

Pictures and Race Report to follow...